About Us

Your Real Estate Investments Require Focused Attention & Dedication

Required Properties is a boutique real estate investment brokerage firm based in Colorado with deep expertise in the acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate assets for a range of individual and institutional investors, family offices, and small businesses. When you work with us, you can be confident that you and your deals are vitally important to us.

Why Are We “Required”?

Holistic Approach

Reap the value of having your own “in-house real estate department” with a holistic approach to creating and preserving wealth through real estate.

Client-Driven Investing

Feel confident that your needs and goals drive our choices and strategies. As generalists, we’re able to remain opportunistic, adaptable, and nimble.

Full-Team Approach

We bring the combined power of our full team to every deal, with commercial real estate experience across multifamily, office, industrial, land, and retail.

Personalized Focus

Get the individualized service and attention you deserve, as well as the peace of mind that we’ll treat you and your transactions as top priorities.

Passionate Commitment

Expect a long-term relationship focus and dedicated commitment to effectively marketing your properties – through our established networks and beyond.

Education That Empowers

Gain real estate investment knowledge that can help you work less while making more. Let us be your partner in building the “wealthy lifestyle” you deserve.

What Does It Mean to Build a “Wealthy Lifestyle”?

Building a “wealthy lifestyle” isn’t about investing long hours in hard work – it’s about putting your money to work for you, and improving your quality of life.

One of the best ways to build wealth is through owning real estate. Required Properties is highly specialized in the private capital space (~$2M to $10M), and we believe in the future of this type of investment throughout Colorado. Our clients are private individual and institutional investors, family offices, and business owners who want to capitalize on their real estate post-retirement. We provide the guidance, education, and empowerment to help them evaluate assets throughout their full lifecycle to drive higher returns, helping them work less while opening the door to creating and preserving more value from their investments.

Learn how Required Properties helped real clients move between asset classes, drive higher returns – and improve quality of life.

Meet Our Team

When you work with Required Properties, you benefit from our holistic, full-team approach to every deal.

As equal partners equally devoted to your success, we’re able to provide faster, more individualized service without duplicating efforts. We are strategic, creative, and highly competent dealmakers and investment professionals that you can trust to be accountable, loyal, and committed to your best interests.

Justin Brockman

Justin BrockmanPrincipal

Hometown St. Louis, MO
Education University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Overview 20+ years, Institutional and Private Capital

Jules Hochman

Jules HochmanPrincipal

Hometown Clayton, MO
Education University of Denver
Overview 22+ years, Consistently one of Denver’s top multi-family brokers

Chris Student

Chris StudentPrincipal

Hometown Edina, MN
Education Augsburg University – Minneapolis, MN
Overview 8+ years Private Capital

Winters Heafey

Winters HeafeyPrincipal

Hometown Piedmont, CA
Education Denison University
Overview 7+ years Institutional

Alex Berman

Alex BermanDirector - Transactions and Operations

Hometown Denver, CO
Education Denison University
Overview 5+ years of Institutional and Private Capital

What Is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 Exchange is a swap of like-kind real estate properties that allows for deferral of capital gains taxes. Essentially, it’s a tax break that can be used to exchange an existing investment for a new one. When used correctly, there are no limitations on how frequently 1031 Exchanges can be used.

Market conditions in Colorado make 1031 Exchanges a great fit for many investors. For example, if you sell that Denver Metro apartment building for a great sale price, it doesn’t make financial sense to then invest in a different high-sale-price apartment building nearby. Instead, you may wish to use a 1031 Exchange to swap your apartment building for a like-kind investment property in a different asset class – enabling you to tap into new opportunities with greater earning potential while diversifying and growing your investments and reducing or deferring taxes.

Ready to learn more about how 1031 Exchanges can help you drive higher returns?

What Is a 1031 Exchange?

Explore opportunities to diversify your portfolio today.